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Happy Maui SnorkelersSnorkeling in Maui is one of the easiest, most enjoyable activities you can try while you are on vacation. Most of the boats that do snorkeling tours offer snorkel equipment free on board the boat, and you can always stop by any of the Boss Frog Shops where you can rent top quality snorkel gear at a great price. Some people prefer to purchase their own snorkel gear that they can use again and again. That is why we offer top quality snorkeling equipment for sale on our website and in our stores. Through our website you can purchase whole snorkel sets or whatever pieces of snorkel gear you need.

Purchasing your snorkel gear may be a great investment if you frequently vacation in areas where you can snorkel. Top quality snorkeling equipment lasts for years and purchasing your own snorkel set ensures that you will always be comfortable with the snorkel gear that you use. We have hand picked three excellent snorkel gear set packages that include everything you need. A bag to carry your snorkeling equipment, snorkel fins, a mask and a snorkel. Just to make it even better we also throw in a jar of no-fog juice. If you just need a snorkel mask, a snorkel, snorkel fins or a mask and snorkel set, we have exactly what you need at great bargain prices.

Full Snorkel Sets

Super Pro Boss Frog Snorkel SetIf you want the whole set up, these snorkel sets offer exceptional equipment at exceptional value. These sets were handpicked by our staff to fit the widest range of people, offer the most comfort and to make for some of the best deals on snorkeling equipment available on the web. Choose from any of our three packages, our Super Pro Snorkel Set, Pro Snorkel Gear package or our Deluxe Snorkel, Mask and Fin Set. All of these sets include everything you need to have a great day snorkeling any where you like. If that's not enough, we throw in a free plastic mask case and a bottle of no-fog with every order!

Snorkel Masks

Snorkel Mask pictureA quality snorkel mask is key to having a good snorkeling experience. We sell only top quality snorkeling equipment. All of these masks feature soft silicone skirtings that will fit a large variety of faces. Soft silicone is key to getting a comfortable fit and because it is so soft it molds to your face providing a much more reliable seal than cheaper rubber masks. There are a wide array of masks that we offer, some have a single lens, others have two eye or four lens set ups for whatever you prefer. Our most popular masks offer true color tint correcting that makes the colors underwater even brighter.


Snorkel pictureThe price of a quality snorkel has dropped dramatically in the last few years. This means that there is no reason to continue struggling with an older j-tube type snorkel. If you already have a mask you are comfortable with, consider trying one of our more modern snorkels. The new snorkels all feature bottom purge valves, this means no more struggling to blow the entire contents of your snorkel out through the top. With these new snorkels all it takes is a short blow and all of the water will travel out through the bottom of your snorkel. All of our snorkels also feature ways to keep surface water from entering the tube by accident as well. Try one out, you will be glad you did.

Snorkel Fins

Snorkel fins pictureQuality snorkeling fins are sure to enhance any snorkeling experience. Snorkeling fins offer extra propulsion that helps you move around much faster and with much less effort than you could with out them. There are a variety of snorkeling fins that we offer. The compact shredder fins are perfect for the on the go traveler looking for a more compact design that is easier to pack and carry. We also offer light top quality full fins that offer the maximum in propulsion. The newest innovation in fin design is the split fin. The fins are split up the middle which makes it much easier to kick while reducing the stress to your knees significantly while still giving a tremendous amount of push.

Mask and Snorkel set

Mask and Snorkel set pictureFor some people, packing fins is a lot of trouble and takes up too much space. If this is you, feel free to stop by one of our stores where you can pick up some fins to rent. For these people who do not want or require fins, we offer packages that include only the snorkeling equipment you need, a snorkel and a snorkeling mask. We offer sets for adults or children. All of these sets feature high grade soft silicone skirts that help you get a comfortable fit that will also seal tightly to your face to stop water from seeping in and ruining your day of snorkeling. These masks fit most faces and are made by the famous dive company U.S. Divers.

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